Sunday, June 23, 2013


Acrylic on Wood Panel. Original and Giclees available through LaMantia Gallery.
Another in the Cont/Text series. This one truly is my favorite so far. I want it over my own fireplace. Because the woods and stars have always held romance for me, I can smell the pine needles and the crisp night air as these two embark on their journey into the unknown. The night is dark, and they are far from home. The wind has kicked up with twilight. Yet they are holding hands. Their trust in each other keeps things from getting too overwhelming -- or one would hope.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


"Faith" - Original Acrylic Painting on Wood 22x32 inches.
Hello friends. I am back.
It has been a year of struggle and rebirth. I do not know how much I can possibly share after such a long absence. But this painting, "Faith," encapsulates exactly how I am feeling right now. It's not the best photo. LaMantia Fine Art has a beautiful high resolution version that they are using for stunning giclees.  This is just a picture I snapped mid-painting in the studio. It's one of a new series I am creating called "Con/Text," where I explore the relationship between words and images. The word "FAITH" is spelled out in the leaves of the tree holding the branch-walker.
The inspiration for this series was a piece I did several years ago for the Enormous Tiny Art Show called "MADLY." You might remember this one.
"Madly" prints now available on Etsy.
I look forward to sharing the rest of the series with you!