Friday, August 3, 2012

Springy Flowers

Another pattern I designed yesterday. Still tying to think of a name for this one, and I need to work out some of the kinks. Painting coming soon!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Autumn Houses

I created my first photoshop/illustrator pattern today. It was a long journey that began with a single line drawing of houses and ended up with this little swatch called "autumn houses."  It is going to be part of a new painting, but I am also thinking it might be a cute fabric for a fall a-line skirt for Annabelle.  My friend, Kate, has promised to do a little sewing for me in exchange for a painting, so I am putting my pattern creations on double duty.

The real story of this little swatch has more to do with determination than great art. In order to make it, I had to download two free trials of photoshop cs6 and illustrator cs6 even though I already own Creative Suite. This is because I first crashed Photoshop, then tried to reinstall it, then somehow turned the program irreparably against me (hmmm...reminds me of the last guy i dated). After 2 hours on the phone with a sweet girl named Shalom from Norton, I finally just went with the free trial. And damn the new software is fantastic. Sometimes determination involves letting go of what isn't working in order to make space for something new.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Love Letters

"Love Letters" original encaustic painting, paper and real love letters on wood. Available to purchase or as a limited edition giclee from Lyrical Fine Arts.

My feeling about love is that it is something "made" between two people. When it goes well, there is a whole world that emerges from the lovers' collaboration.  In this painting, I interpreted the concept as two people sending letters back and forth between each other and this whole beautiful, magical world growing between them like a colorful abstraction.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Fresh Start

Hello friends. I have missed you so much! The last year and a half has been a time of substantial change in my life -- a change that required my blog to go into "hibernation."  But, like sleep itself -- this time of rest is also a time where much dreaming goes on beneath the surface. And I have been busy.

It has been a time of endings and new beginnings. My etsy shop -- which many of you have been familiar with for years -- has closed, but this is because my fine art work is now being officially represented by Lyrical Fine Arts, a division of the LaMantia Gallery.  They are now selling my original paintings and limited edition giclees photographed by Blazing Editions.  And in March my work was unveiled at Art Expo 2012 in NYC

My paintings & Giclees at Art Expo NYC 2012

Me & James LaMantia in front of the Art Expo Booth.
 Signing the Limited Edition Giclees in my New Studio.

 Oh yeah. And my encaustic paintings have had to become much BIGGER. Here is one being created in the old studio.

No, I am not working as Thomas Kinkade's ghost painter. lol. This is me in front of my work in the LaMantia Gallery window on Main Street in Northport, NY.

There have been other beginnings, too. In May, I launched a new graphic design company called Little Red Bird, Inc. I am very excited for the launch of this company because it gives me a great opportunity to delve into my love of illustration, pattern design and ceramics. The bird is still spreading her wings right now... but here are some inklings of what lies ahead.

pattern and logo sketches for floral series

pre-fired floral plates

circus thoughts

Unfired Circus Plate (yes, the elephant will have something to say!).

It is so wonderful to be back from "hibernation." Please stay tuned as this adventure unfolds. Hugs to you all!