Saturday, July 12, 2014

Please Join me at My New Blog, Joi-Ful

Hi friends, as of July 2014, my blog has moved! Please join me for studio updates and to share the ride as my family and I move to Asheville, NC.  I will be sharing all the fun, creativity and bewilderment as this native New Yorker moves south to continue becoming a self-supporting artist! The new website is

I sure do hope to see y'all there!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

House of Waves
"House of Waves" encaustic on wood panel. Print now available on Etsy
This is another encaustic painting in my "Housewarming" series where I am exploring the physical and emotional aspects of "home." Some of us live near the water, on the water or dream of a life spent at sea with only the "waves" to guide us on our journeys.
You can find this piece and the rest of the series at my Etsy shop. I am also offering FREE SHIPPING today and tomorrow in honor of Winter Wednesday.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Wednesday Sale - 4 Prints for Under $25

Black and White Series Prints on SALE today $22 Each at my Etsy shop.
It snowed yesterday, and we made snowmen! It was so much fun and really got me into the winter spirit. I love that snow and barren trees -- winter's slumber as it may be -- can bring magic with it. I created this black and white series with that thought in mind. They were all created before I quit my day job and needed to wake up at 5:15 every morning to spend some time in the studio. It was cold and dark, but somehow it was also the perfect petri dish for playing with monochromatic color. There are two more paintings in the series coming soon.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You Are My Happy Place
"You Are My Happy Place" - brand new print just added to Etsy today.
Happy Winter Wednesday! I have just added this new piece to my Etsy shop, and it was inspired by a very lovely couple's anniversary (which is today!).  The poem behind the "you are my happy place" phrase is from Rumi, and it is very romantic.

I have also chosen a title for the painting I displayed last week of the girl walking through the rain. The title contest winner was Claire Ishino (on Facebook) for "Through Rain, I will Travel to You." There were many wonderful (and some humorous) suggestions. I thank everyone who participated. A special thank you to awesome illustrator Jessica Stride for being my only blog commentator. Thank you Jess for reading and commenting here. Makes me feel less alone out here in blogland. :)

As promised, I will do a special feature on Claire's work soon to show my appreciation for the great title.  Have a great winter Wednesday!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mystery Painting Recovered

I found this painting this morning, and it was like being reunited with an old friend. I remember painting it around the time I completed "The Red Boots, A Love Story" series back in 2005! There were 11 other paintings in that series -- along with a soundtrack created by Jay DiPaola -- but I must have lost the painting before including it. We are planning to re-release the series as a book along with Jay's original score this Valentine's Day. It's funny how this one turned up just in time. Maybe it needs to be in the book. I just cannot figure out what to call it. If you have a title suggestion, I would love to hear it in my comments section. If I pick your title, I will do a blog post in gratitude linking back to you site. :)

Here are a few of the other paintings in "The Red Boots" series:
 "Adagio" (available at my Etsy Shop)
"Requiem" (available at my Etsy shop)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Dreaming Tree
"The Dreaming Tree" 7.5x7.5 inch print on 8.5 x11 inch paper available on Etsy.
This is a new print added today to my Etsy shop in honor of Winter Wednesday. Use code FREESHIP all day today to receive free shipping on any Etsy orders from my shop.
This painting is part of a black, white & gray series I worked on last winter. I painted all of them at 5 a.m. before leaving for my day job. It was a way of showing myself that I was committed to my artwork -- and it was actually very peaceful! The whole series retains that sense of morning stillness. Isn't it interesting that the mood we are in when we create can become part of the creation?

Friday, November 15, 2013

1st in the Starving Artist Childhood Games Series

Have you ever spent $40 on a new toy for your 5 year old only to find that he has at best no interest and at worst a tear inducing tantrum after playing for 10 minutes? Have you ever spent hours completing a Lego fire truck that was "for your child?"  If so, you will love this new game: Alien Edge. You just make a paper spaceship and slide it back and forth for half an hour with points for getting the spaceship to balance in the edge. Perfect for those last few minutes before the kindergarten bus arrives. And perfect for the starving artist on a budget.